Automatic Transmission Service


To extend the life and improve the performance of your transmission, it's important to have its Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) replaced completely according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule. That's because heat and mileage cause the vital additives in ATF to become oxidized, depleted, and inert. And worn-out ATF can result in rough shifting, accelerated wear and even transmission failure.

We can:

  • Completely replace the fluid in both the transmission and torque converter

  • Refill with new Valvoline® Synthetic ATF

  • We can also change the transmission filter if necessary

                        Did You Know?

If your car or truck is shifting roughly, you may need to have your transmission fluid filled.



Maxlife ATF with stopleak  Max Life ATFDurablend ATF  Valvoline ATF

 Automatic Transmission Fluid is not a one-size-fits-all product!  That's why we carry the right one for your car or truck, no matter what you drive or how you drive it.